Mr and Mrs Cook

Mr and Mrs Cook were concerned about late life re-marriage, Mr Cook was older than Mrs Cook and he therefore expected to be the first to die.

He made it clear that he wanted to make sure Mrs Cook was well provided for and had a secure future, but he was also worried about her meeting someone else and remarrying. Mr cook didn’t mind the idea of her remarrying he just wanted to make sure that his estate ended up with his children and not lost to a new husband.

We recommended that Mr and Mrs Cook become tenants in Common thereby splitting the ownership of the house in half so they now owned half each rather than all of it together as most people do as joint tenants.

We then drafted new Wills with a property protection Trust in it. So now if Mr cook dies his half of the home will go into a trust for his wife, she will have use of his half in her lifetime but she will never take ownership of it.

This means that his half will always be protected should she re-marry or go into care, his estate will always end up with his children exactly as he intends.

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