About Us

Richardson Tribe has been created with the sole purpose of offering clients a truly excellent service in regards to Estate and inheritance tax planning. The company is headed by a team of people who have been involved in Estate Planning for the last ten years.

We are a multi-disciplined team with skills across the estate planning range, from Inheritance tax experts to Will writers.

Asset protection and protecting wealth for the next generation is a key part of our business. For many clients their goals are to help the next generation as much as possible whilst ensuring that the right controls and protections are in place.

Having worked for many larger organisations, the team at Richardson tribe pride themselves on their scope of Knowledge and their main goal of delivering excellent customer service.

With such a broad base of knowledge and expertise a consultation to discuss your needs is an easy first Step and we can ensure you have the right expert for you particular needs.

Taking instructions is simply the first stage of our relationship. We aim to issue draft documents to all our clients within 21 days of instruction (28 days for those with more complicated tax affairs or complex trust needs).
In the new Covid era we are able to offer our clients advice and meetings either by Phone, Zoom Skype or face to face, Richardson tribe is fully able to adapt to the needs of all of our clients. Help is never far away.

Once drafted and checked by the client, we can arrange for an Attestation meeting to take place. This is an area of the business often overlooked and can be one of the most important, our attestation service is second to none and great value for money.

The purpose of this meeting is to go through the client’s various tax options in detail to ensure they have a full understanding, and to go through any documents that need signing and witnessing. We will be able to act as professional Witnesses and ensure all documents are attested properly, ready for execution in the future.

Richardson Tribe is with you every step of the way

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. - Leonardo da Vinci

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